Save SA Wine And The Fishwives Club To Host International Wine Wednesday

Save SA Wine And The Fishwives Club To Host International Wine Wednesday


The event is limited and per invitation only, so it is imperative to register as soon as you can. 


Interested parties can register here


About the Fishwives Club Virtual Wine Bar

The Fishwives Club Virtual Wine Bar was launched on Wednesday 10 February 2021 with an invitation only Zoom event for Fishwives Club customers.


According to Patrick Robertson, the CEO of The Fishwives Club  

the evening was a great success with customers eager to join and also to engage with feedback on the wine as well as the Fishwives Club online boutique.


After the initial success, the company has decided to make The Fishwives Club Wine Wednesday’s a regular night on the calendar of winelovers. The wine bar will also be holding other events and the next event in the bar is the Fiswives Club Lonely Hearts evening on Valentines day, 14 February 2021. 


Interested parties can register here


About Save SA Wine

SaveSAwine is an Non-Profit initiative to promote the South African Winelands and South African Wine.

The #SaveSAwine campaign on Facebook was created towards the end of July 2020 by Winelands Podcast “About The Winelands”, as a result of the initial launch of #SaveSAwine by Wineland Media, and has since reached millions of people worldwide via Social Media as well as mentions in the traditional press. This awareness resulted in a direct increase of consumption of South African wine all over the world. The large number of images of support posted in the @SaveSAwine Facebook group bears testimony to this and many international retailers and wine merchants have reported an increase in the sale of South African wine. Furthermore our members have directly supported the industry by purchasing wine online while patiently waiting for delivery until after the ban ends. This can be seen as a tremendous “crowdfunding” effort which alleviated the cash flow of many producers enabling them to continue their businesses and importantly to help them to meet payroll and other expenses. 




Opportunity for Wine Businesses

International Wine Wednesday is a great opportunity for Wine business to introduce themselves to the Save SA Wine community.


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